About Dan Coppersmith

Dan Coppersmith Nature Photography is known for professional, high-quality prints that allow the spirit of nature to artistically shine through and connect you with the beauty of the present moment.


Dan’s photography demonstrates his unique ability of finding beauty often overlooked in today’s hectic world. His work is a calming breath of fresh air that gives us an opportunity to pause and appreciate the everyday miracles around us and in us. In each photo you will find Dan’s own sense of admiration and respect for nature as he honors the essence and beauty of his photography subjects.


Dan developed his deep appreciation for nature growing up in a picturesque small town in the mountains of North Central Pennsylvania. Dan migrated to North Texas in 1980, and has been a resident of Carrollton since 1990.  He continues to find beauty in the local parks and nature preserves near his home and on his many travels throughout the United States and Canada.


In addition to being a remarkable photographer, Dan also writes uplifting poetry, creates wire-sculpted jewelery and has authored a book of healing poetry and nature photography. Helping people have more self-esteem and feel better about themselves and their world is one of his passions.

Dan Coppersmith